Managed print services offer organizations a valuable solution for printing. If you’re considering this option for your company, learn more about managed print services and how to find the right partner for your needs.

Printing Options for Your Organization

There are a few approaches an organization can take to address its printing needs:

Purchasing Equipment for In-House Printing

Some organizations purchase printing equipment from a manufacturer or retailer so they can print what they need on-site. This is essentially the DIY approach to printing and puts the responsibility of finding the right equipment and maintaining it on your organization.

Outsourcing Printing Needs to a Commercial Printer

Another option is to hand off all printing needs to a commercial print studio. This solution comes at a high cost and is inconvenient compared to printing in-house because you have to travel to a separate location and wait to have print orders fulfilled.

Partnering with a Managed Print Services Provider

A third option for companies that want support for printing in-house is to choose managed print services. These services include the consulting, sourcing, installation, and maintenance you need to expertly manage printing for your organization.

The managed print services market is growing considerably and is projected to reach $59,709 million by 2025. It’s no wonder that many businesses and organizations choose managed print services since this approach provides the best of both worlds—you can keep printing in-house while outsourcing the burdens of print management to a partner. 

The Benefits of Managed Print Services

Let’s look in more detail at some of the reasons to consider managed print services over other printing solutions. Managed print services benefits include enhanced productivity, better budgeting, and expert guidance for your organization.

1. Enhanced Productivity

Tasks like choosing the right equipment, ordering toner and other materials on time, and proactively maintaining equipment can all be distractions that hamper your company’s productivity. You can better focus on your core business practices when a managed service provider (MSP) is managing printing for your organization. 

Plus, your MSP can help ensure you’re making the most of printing to maximize your efficiency.

2. Better Budgeting

You can also benefit from a consistent pricing structure, which makes budgeting easier compared to paying unpredictable lump sums when maintenance needs arise.

An MSP can also help you choose the right equipment and solutions that are within your budget. Let your MSP know how much you can spend, and they’ll find the most economical solutions that meet your needs.

3. Expert Guidance

Your MSP can help you understand your printing needs and choose the right solutions to achieve your goals, whether that’s to reduce your environmental footprint, achieve a certain print quality, or keep up with high-volume demands. 

Though you may receive some assistance from a printer manufacturer or retailer when you purchase equipment on your own, with an MSP, you receive ongoing support well beyond that initial purchase.

What Services Should You Look for from Managed Print Services Companies?

Keep in mind that not all managed print services companies will offer the same level of support. For a truly value-added partnership, look for an MSP that can assist with:

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  • Understanding your printing needs: Your MSP should provide consulting services to help you evaluate your unique printing needs and should then cater to those needs throughout the process of equipment selection and other services.
  • Equipment selection: Choosing the right scanners, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, and multifunction (MFP) devices from the countless options available can be overwhelming, and buying the wrong equipment can cause numerous issues. An MSP should help you choose the best equipment for your needs so you get the functionality and efficiency you need while staying on budget.
  • Equipment setup: An MSP should also handle the installation of your equipment or oversee installation in cases where the manufacturer or retailer installs their machines. Your MSP can also assist with choosing the best placement in your facility for your printing equipment.
  • Ongoing maintenance: You also want an MSP that can actively maintain your printing equipment to help you avoid downtime. In addition to caring for equipment, this also means ordering materials like toner cartridges on time so you have what you need when you need it.
  • IT support: Modern printing equipment can be quite high-tech. The right MSP provides guidance on how to use your machines, answers questions, and helps with troubleshooting when needed. The best-case scenario is an MSP that also offers managed IT services.
  • Security solutions: If you place a high priority on cybersecurity to protect your data, you should also ensure your printers don’t create gaps in document security. If you want to improve document security, look for a provider that can help you find the right tech solutions. 

Choosing the Right MSP for You

Choosing the right partner to assist with your printing needs is critical. In addition to offering the services you need, the right MSP is one with a positive reputation, one that responds to your communications in a timely manner and understands your industry or organization type. 

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