When you’re ready to make a significant purchase like a production printer, you want to ensure you’re sourcing your printer from the best provider possible. First, this means choosing a dealer over a manufacturer, and next it means choosing the right dealer—one that will provide valuable support every step of the way. 

Learn more about choosing the ideal dealer for your production printer and why you should consider partnering with CPI.

Why go through a dealer for your production printer?

Your first inclination may be to purchase your production printer from a manufacturer. Although this may seem like a good way to go straight to the source, it can actually cause you to miss out on some valuable benefits you can get from purchasing through a dealer. Some of the advantages dealers tend to offer include:

Unbiased Guidance

Dealers are, in many cases, better positioned to offer impartial advice. A manufacturer may feel the need to only recommend printers within a limited product line, for example, but an independent dealer typically has more flexibility to help tailor the ideal solution for you.

More Robust Customer Service

A dealer may also be able to offer additional services, such as installation and ongoing customer support. Manufacturers will likely offer some form of customer service, but having a local company with a smaller customer base can mean you receive better quality support and a more timely response. 

Local Focus

Add to these advantages the fact that printer dealers are often local businesses. By offering your business to a production printer seller in your area, you can contribute to your local economy and benefit from their vested interest in helping fellow local businesses like yours.

What makes CPI an exceptional partner for your production printer needs?

CPI delivers on all the general advantages you can expect from working with a production printer dealer, plus more. That’s because we’re more than just a printer dealer—we’re an independent document management company with a wide range of services and product offerings to meet your needs. 

Consider these distinctive qualities that set CPI apart and make us the ideal dealer for your production printer purchase.

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1. Comprehensive Services

CPI is a one-stop shop for all your document management needs. That means we can help outfit you with the hardware, software, services, and expertise you need for your business. When you work with CPI, you can eliminate the piecemeal solutions involving various dealers since we provide a comprehensive solution.

2. Expert Guidance

With over half a century of experience, CPI can offer expert guidance to our clients. 

Our staff will assist you in selecting the right printer for you based on your needs. For example, that might mean a high-speed inkjet printer for mass mailers or a digital press for photo-quality posters and brochures. We can direct you to the best option that will get the job done right.

3. Current Industry Expertise

CPI understands and embraces emerging technologies, such as digital production printers—a rapidly expanding market that is expected to continue growing at a compound annual growth rate of 12.6 percent over the next few years. If you want to switch to a digital press for faster turnaround times while maintaining the quality of a traditional press, CPI can help you do that. We can also equip you with the latest five-color print technology so you can print white onto any colored background.

4. Dependable Service Support

We stick with our clients to ensure the products and services they receive from us meet their needs and exceed their expectations. You can count on CPI to offer exceptional customer service at every turn.

5. Competitive Rates

It’s a common misconception that buying from a manufacturer will mean paying less for your equipment. You can expect competitive pricing on all the equipment CPI offers. We understand budgetary restrictions and the need for a cost-efficient solution, and we’re here to deliver that solution.

CPI is your trusted source for production printers and related services.

CPI proudly serves businesses throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. If you need a production printer, you can trust CPI to provide you with the equipment you need along with expert guidance. CPI can also provide other types of office equipment, from wide-format printers to 3D printers and more. Request a quote or consultation today to get started.

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