As new technologies emerge, businesses have the opportunity to expedite processes and cut down on overhead costs. Innovated printing technology has blossomed over the past decade and is providing more opportunities for companies to send and print documents efficiently. According to research conducted by Quocirca this year, more than two-thirds of the 219 participants plan to adopt cloud print management by 2025.

Cloud print management cuts the cord on traditional printing equipment so that you can print from anywhere—perfect for commonly emerging hybrid work environments. Print from a tablet, smartphone, or computer without the need for on-premise print servers. While traditional printing results in abandoned jobs and paper waste, cloud print management systems eliminate unclaimed jobs before they go to print. User authentication enables teams to manage all projects, especially sensitive data, discreetly. 

The benefits of cloud print management are far-reaching. Teams who choose to implement new cloud print management systems will enjoy some immediate improvements in their day-to-day, while other benefits—namely low cost and efficiency—compound over time. 

1. Virtual Efficiencies 

Historically, printers and computers have been connected through a complex wiring system. Although this method is effective, it also presents serious drawbacks. Traditional print servers are hard to connect to and difficult to troubleshoot. 

Cloud management solutions enable remote printing so that users don’t get hung up on unreliable wire connections. Cloud management is compatible with desktop printing, remote printing, mobile printing, and pull printing. These capabilities allow users not only to print, but to track and manage print jobs as well.

2. Print-Ready Convenience 

Printer connectivity issues cost departments time and money. As a result, companies search for new ways to resolve these issues and streamline printing processes without compromising security. 

Built-in authentication allows users to monitor and approve print jobs using login credentials. In the case of printing sensitive information, this feature is especially critical. Serverless printing assures users convenience while saving companies both time and money. 

3. Comprehensive Analytics

Get two jobs done at once. Companies want to improve their printing processes in order to improve workplace productivity as a whole. At the same time, cloud print management allows companies to collect meaningful data about the quantity of print jobs, types of print jobs, and so forth, so they’re able to plan for the future. 

Using customizable reporting and analytics, companies can make expense predictions based on current and projected usage. Teams are better able to implement cost-savings strategies when they can get a clearer picture of how money is regularly spent on printing.

4. Low-Cost Implementation

The bottom line for any business is how to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Traditional printing runs companies the risk of racking up serious expenses, like unexpected maintenance fees. 

Cloud management printing offers a solution that both improves efficiency and cuts down on overhead costs. While implementing cloud printing requires a brief training period, it’s generally simply for end users to adopt. Payment is simple and predictable. Whereas traditional printing may cause a company to incur extra upkeep costs, cloud management printing involves a single monthly charge. Cloud printing also reduces energy costs, which earns companies extra savings. 

5. Minimal IT Requirements

Ultimately, putting users in the driver’s seat frees up time for IT teams to focus on larger troubleshooting concerns. A single, central platform flattens the learning curve for employees. 

As employees grow more comfortable with the new technology, they grow more adept at identifying larger technology issues that may, in fact, require professional IT support. Cloud print management requires only simple software updates that won’t interfere with your team’s day-to-day operations.

Step into the Future with Cloud Print Management

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