Companies of all types and sizes are finding digital solutions and tools that help them modernize and optimize their business processes. One solution that has become integral to companies utilizing a digital workforce is an enterprise records management (ECM) system. 

The right ECM solution can optimize the way your company manages documents and data of all kinds. Read on to learn more.

What Is the Digital Workforce?

The term digital workforce refers to robotic and automated solutions that support and augment the work your human employees do. A related term you might hear is “robotic process automation.

You may look around at your employees and notice they are real people—not robots! Organizations still rely on humans to carry out many functions, and rightly so. However, increasingly, the professional world has discovered how computer applications can perform some functions better than humans and can help humans do their jobs better. 

The digital workforce has taken off in recent years. In 2020, 90 percent of small businesses adopted a digital solution for some aspect of their business! This trend is only expected to increase in the coming years.

What Is Enterprise Content Management?

An ECM solution systematizes the way your organization captures, securely stores, and processes content. This content might include word processor documents, portable document format (PDF) files, emails, images, and more. 

The global ECM market was worth $15.33 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to reach $43.16 billion by 2026! Companies are discovering how an ECM is a major improvement over traditional methods of managing documents and data.

Reasons to Adopt an ECM Solution

As companies embrace a digital future, they’re discovering how an ECM is one of the most valuable digital solutions they can adopt. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits companies can enjoy when they make an ECM part of their digital workforce.

1. Digitization

Despite all the talk about digitization, the reality is that many companies are still handling many processes manually. That means paper forms and files that take up space and are difficult to access when you need them. 

You may be ready to go paperless, but you need a solution for effectively managing digital files. An ECM allows you to leave all the paper behind and fully digitize your processes. Scanning tools can help you convert your existing paper files into digital data so your ECM can bring all your data together in one virtual environment.

Upgrading to GlobalCapture software made it quick and easy for Welasco Machine  Shop to manage their documents. >>

2. Organization

When it comes to files of any kind, organization is key. Many companies are used to paper filing systems or storing miscellaneous digital files in a complicated web of computer file folders. Both of these methods can make it difficult for people to access the information they need when they need it.

An ECM can help you keep documents and data logically filed and easily searchable. A unified, shared storage system also ensures employees can all access the correct, up-to-date versions of files so everyone is on the same page.

3. Efficiency 

Increased efficiency is a major win for any organization. An ECM can lower the wasted time and costs spent on manual document management processes. 

For example, instead of having to look at a paper form and type the information it contains into a software program, an ECM cuts out this manual data entry task so information feeds seamlessly into your enterprise software systems. An ECM can also save you from the time and effort involved in hunting down files since you can find what you need with a quick keyword search.

4. Security 

A digital ECM can also improve your document and data security. Storing documents in an ECM system allows you to employ user-based permissions and other security measures that are harder to replicate with manual filing systems. 

This also helps with compliance, an important issue for companies in heavily regulated industries or any company that processes sensitive data.

Find the Right ECM Solution for Your Organization 

The digital workforce can help you transform your business processes for the better and give your employees the resources and tools they need to succeed. Ready to start reaping the benefits an ECM can offer? CPI can help you identify and procure the right solution for your needs. 

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